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Chiara Castillo and Ines García Mithieux “T4u” - Unique service of catering providing everything necessary for each event.

Lara Florentin and Julieta Cowan. “AMBER & HAZEL DREAMSTORE” - Exchangeable high-heel shoe.

Mora Amighini and Agostina Arcucci- “SMART” - Padlock which can be opened with the fingerprint.

Jacinto brie and Tobias Florentin. “KAKUS” - Bag/Jacket - It can be used as a bag as well as a Jacket.

Franco Parisi and Tomas Olivares. “TOFP” - Removable spray paint for cars.

Matias Testa and Matias Bregoli “H&C” - Lunch box which temperature can be regulated (hot or cold)

Ignacio Rossi and Ian Franco Carlomagno. “CLASSY SHOE” - Customisation of shoes.

Sofía Parafita and Valentina Castro - “MOMMY’ S CARRYALL” - Customized maternal bag.

Santiago Alvarez and Arthur - “PURE BOTTLE” - Bottle pill box which comes along with seven sections of the days of the week.

Facundo Sydransky and Francisco Cavallaro - “FF” - Suitcase controlled by Bluetooth which can be transported by itself following the owners steps.

Fernando Possidonio and Ignacio Delelelis -“PLUG IT” - Smart plug strip which has a 360º rotation to be adapted to each need.

Juan Cachafeiro, Gaston Carabelli and Bautista Galizzi- “3D CENTER” - It offers a special service to print objects of all kind of materials in 3D.

Lourdes Sarricouet and Abril Valiente “RAZOR PEN” - A portable all-in- one item containing pens, corrector, ruler, highlighter etc.

Nicolas Repossi y Tomas Vrancic- “PEARPODS” - Pair of earphones which translates and helps to communicate people from different nationalities.

Melina Hermida and Melissa Liu- “Meli2” - Practical and portable printer essential for businesspeople and students.

Martina Rueda and Valentina Gabbi- “ON AIR” - Intelligent sneakers which can control body temperature, calories, distance among other characteristics.

Julieta Zorzolli and Emma Trabucco- “DOGIE +” - Dog’s food and water dispenser which is controlled by an app.

Florencia y Sofía Molina- “POINT ZERO” - Unique service in which you have a monthly subscription and you receive options to select from different experiences (restaurants, products, spas, tours, etc.)

Valentina Bernuez and Tomás Taboada “MY EXPERIENCE” - Service which is responsible for organising your perfect trip that is prepared based on your choices.

Agustín Ibarra and Galo Taranco. “T&T” - Thermic T-shirt which can vary its temperature according to the needs.

Macarena Demaria and Manuela Iodko- “BATTERY ALL DAY” - Portable cable which offers the possibility of transferring energy from one device to another.

Maiuri Valentino and Fran Defelllipis- “TEMPMATRESS” - Thermal mattress which updates its temperature according to the body temperature.

Justo Scolni and Taddeo Pedemonte- “NEON” - Adaptable ski boot which offers the possibility of adapting the size and shape of every person’s feet.

Thiago de Cillis and Bautista Barreneche- “THIAMAN” - Pair of glasses which has several functions and is ideal for people with Astigmatism and Myopia.

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